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PREDELLA is a biannual, peer-reviewed Journal of Visual Arts (www.predella.it and predella.cfs.unipi.it; ISSN: 1827-8655) featuring scholarly articles in the history of art and architecture, art criticism, history and conservation of cultural heritage, museology, performing arts and cinema. It is a non-profit publication, committed to the principles of open access.

PREDELLA was born in 2001 at the Department of History of Art of the University of Pisa (predella.arte.unipi.it), and took its current form in 2009 by the will of its founder Gerardo de Simone and of Emanuele Pellegrini, who in past years have shared the scholarly direction and editorial policy, with the collaboration of the Editorial Board.

PREDELLA is autonomous and independent from institutional affiliations. The editorial line of the journal combines the rigour of scholarly research, an interdisciplinary orientation, and a strong civic and cultural engagement. The journal independence and survival depends on the voluntary work of editors and members of the editorial board, and above all on the generosity of sponsors, donors, art lovers and readers who can support us through subscriptions/donations to the cultural Association "Predella Onlus", which was constituted at the end of 2014.

PREDELLA is divided into two main sections. The Monograph, which is also published in print (ISSN: 1827-4927), is dedicated to a specific research topic selected for each issue by a different editor. The Miscellany is divided into sections: Figure (Figures), Cornice (Frame), and Cuspide (Cusp) contain longer essays; In mostra (Exhibitions), In libreria (Books), Incontri (Meetings), Musei (Museums), contain essays and reviews of exhibitions, publications, symposia, musems and related topics.

Online issues no. 32/2012 and 33/2013 were published in partnership with Sistema Museo (www.sistemamuseo.it). Print issues of PREDELLA Monographs from no. 1/2010 to no. 5/2012 were published by Felici Editore (www.felicieditore.it). Starting from issue no. 6/2012 they are being published by Edizioni ETS (www.edizioniets.com).

Submitting articles is free ( Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. ). Editorial rules are available on the website.