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La «biennale nata morta»: i verbali della Mostra d’arte italiana moderna della città di Firenze

Emanuele Pellegrini


Intended to take place in Florence during the summer of 1951, the Biennale fiorentina d’arte contemporanea was an exhibition project involving more than fifty living Italian artists with more than eight hundred works of art on show. Eventually, organizational and political issues prevented the Biennale from taking place. The minutes of the steering committee meetings, dating back to February 1951, are in part still preserved. They give the opportunity to take a closer look into the discussion on the contemporary Italian art scene involving some of the most relevant art historians of that period, such as Argan, Brandi, Wittgens, Marchiori, Ragghianti, Gnudi. After a brief introduction, this paper offers the whole transcription of the verbals.