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La tavola della Madonna di “sotto gli Organi” nella cattedrale di Pisa: nuove riflessioni e alcuni documenti inediti

Maria Rachele Baiona

Thanks to the discovery of some unpublished documents kept in the Archivio Capitolare of Pisa and in the Evelyn Sandberg Vavalà photographic collection, the article aims at pointing out new aspects on the so called Madonna di “sotto gli Organi” (a name due to its original location on a column near the great organ of the cathedral of Pisa). Of uncertain origins, the Madonna is a XIII century painted panel depicting the Virgin and Child on whose datation and provenance critics still debate. Reconsidering the history of this Madonna, the paper sheds new light on the restoration carried out by the Pisan painter Giovanni Battista Tempesti at the end of the eighteenth century.