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L’espressione grafica in Luigi Ademollo. Idee e progetti su carta per la committenza toscana


Egle Radogna


The article focuses on an unpublished list of drawings made by the artist Luigi Ademollo for some important patrons belonging to the aristocratic and clerical class in Tuscany between the late 18th and early 19th century. Some artworks are of particular interest because they are related to mural paintings of which every graphic evidence was believed to be lost. The essay highlights Ademollo’s talent as a draughtsman, especially when he challenged himself with complex as well as rewarding artistic commissions. This is a crucial aspect of Ademollo’s artistic profile since he was often described as a prolific artisan rather than a proper artist. Finally, considering his past artistic training, and coeval international sources, the essay shows Ademollo’s versatility and method of composition when facing different kinds of artistic mediums such as oil painting, frescoes or ephemeral and memorial furnishing.