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Marco Brunetti


Recensione di M. S. Bottai, S. Cecchini, N. Mandarano (a cura di),Artestorie. Le professioni della storia dell’arte, Cisalpino Istituto Editoriale Universitario 2016.


Artestorie is a recollection of thirty stories by Italian art historians, all answering to the question: what do you do today with a degree in art history? A selection of professionals, from North to South of the country, share the often unconventional paths that led them to their current position in the field of art history, from the traditional employments – e.g. research and teaching – to the most innovative ones in the fields of social media and community management, audience development, technical art history.All the stories are narrated in first person and compose a lively map of the history of art today in Italy, among school, university and the job market.