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RITORNO A VENEZIA. IL PROFILO PITTORICO DEDICATO DALLA COLLEZIONE GUGGENHEIM AL SINGOLARE, GRANDE PITTORE ITALIANO. «La mia arma contro l’atomica è un filo d’erba». Tancredi. Una retrospettiva (Venezia, 12 novembre 2016 - 13 marzo 2017)


Lucia Collavo


Venetian retrospective offers a new picture of Tancredi Parmeggiani (1927-1964) through in an exhibition that emphasizes the peculiarities of his painting compared to the art scene of the Fifties. The exhibition is an important review of Tancredi original works; it highlights some key elements of his biography and of his painting, starting with the association with Peggy Guggenheim and her support at international level; the early national and international awards, the role of Venice in Tancredi life and in his painting and finishing whit his dual experience of recovery of memory and political and cultural protest.