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Gerardo de Simone, Emanuele Pellegrini



The beginning of the third millennium was marked by two dramatic events: the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan and the attack to the Twin Towers. From then on an unprecedented global terrorist war, first practiced by Talibans, now by IS militants, has used the world cultural heritage as a favourite target, causing invaluable losses in many countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria. The violent extremism of Islam fundamentalists has destroyed ancient archeological sites and extraordinary works of art, no matter whether Assyrian, classical, Christian, or more often Islamic: the image itself is perceived as immoral and sacrilegious, reviving a long forgotten (at least in the West) form of iconoclasty. An international coalition is urgent and necessary to contrast and defeat without hesitation these modern barbarians: an immense historical and cultural heritage, principles of civilization and human rights need to be defended for the present and future generations of mankind.