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Due aggiunte al Marrina plasticatore: una figura e un busto di Santa Caterina da Siena

Gabriele Fattorini

Lorenzo di Mariano known as Marrina (1476-1534) emerges from the most recent studies as the last great Sienese sculptor of the Renaissance. He was able to stand out not only for his extraordinary “ornati all’antica” in marble, but also for continuing the tradition of polychrome sculpture into the Sixteenth century. In this field Vecchietta and Francesco di Giorgio, deeply marked by Donatello’s lesson, used to carve in the second half of the Quattrocento above all wooden statues, while Marrina showed a particular preference for modeling terracotta figures, with a personal interpretation of the painting of Sodoma and Beccafumi, as confirmed by two images of Saint Catherine of Siena here added to the last period of his career.