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Arti in dialogo e tipologie artistiche di confine a Genova a metà del Quattrocento, con aggiunte per Domenico Gagini

Clario Di Fabio


By building on some previous studies, this paper focuses on a number of previously unknown instances of sculptural commissions in mid-fifteenth-century Genoa. Common to them all is the reference to the hand or workshop of Domenico Gagini. Special consideration is paid to the interaction between sculpture and painting in Santa Maria di Castello. Here, the sculptural work by the Bissonese artist (identified here for the first time) can also be detected in the pictorial decoration of the Annunciation Loggia by Giusto di Ravensburg. Furthermore, this paper assigns to Gagini an unpublished marble architrave of a purely classical-antiquarian style. This work, executed with the Florentine stiacciato technique, is located in the atrium of the palazzo of Paride Giustiniani Longo, who had strongly encouraged the renovation of Santa Maria di Castello in Renaissance style.