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Sergio Dangelo e il surrealismo a Milano

Francesco Tedeschi

The text is dedicated to Sergio Dangelo’s work in Postwar Italian Art and his role in connecting the avantgarde in Milan with the international context into which reviews like «Phases», «Phantomas» and others intended to show the relationships between artists working in France and Northern Europe and the poetics of Surrealism. Dangelo, as an exponent of Arte Nucleare movement, operating in Milan, has been one of the most engaged in creating a bridge with the artists from Cobra Group (Asger Jorn overall) and others surrealists of second postwar, such as Theodor L. Koenig and E.L.T. Mesens. His paintings and his objects demonstrate a continue interest towards the poetics of Surrealism and his exponents, showing correspondence with Max Ernst, Meret Openheim, Yves Tanguy and others. His interest in Surrealism proceeds from a personal involvement in it and concerns the relationships with Arturo Schwarz, that is undoubtedly one of the key-figure for the diffusion of Surrealism in Italy, but in an international perspective, during the Fifties and Sixties.