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LES REVUES D'ART À PARIS: 1905-1940    

Recensione a Yves Chevre ls Desbiolles, Les revues d'art à Paris: 1905-1940, nouvelle édition mise à jour, Postface de Rossella Froissart Pezone. Presses Universitaires de Provence, Aix-en-Provence, 2014

Annamaria Ducci


The review presents the new edition of Y. Chevrefils-Desbiolles’s book dedicated to art and art history journals in Paris in the first half of the twentieth century. This is a fundamental text to understand the role played by specialized periodicals in defining the critical discourse on French and international art. All aspects the author deals with are noteworthy, as regards the evolution of art avant-gardes, the definition of art critic as a literary genre, the affirmation of art history in France. This new edition has been updated, it has useful and user-friendly apparatuses. Above all Chevrefils-Desbiolles’s census appears today an outstanding contribution to the debate on ‘art historiography’ which has animated Western scholars over the last fifteen years and which has paid a special attention to journals.